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M/V Last Trade

M/V Last Trade

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 2011 - Spring Break Trip to Lake Charles, LA

Saturday, March 19th - M/V Sweet Pea and Last Trade decided to head all the way home in the fog! Sailboats stayed at GYB and will head home on Sunday, March 20th. Another great adventure with M/V Last Trade. Thanks to everyone who travelled with us. This is what makes our adventures great!!!! What a group!

Friday, March 18th - heading home! First stop SPAM (Sabine Port Authority Marina). My favorite place, NOT!
Sweet Pea getting boarded by Coast Guard.

Boats at SPAM!

Thursday, March 17th - saying goodbye to some heading back. Others stayed an extra day to play!

Off to play!!!!

Racing Sweet Pea (another "newbie") back to the City marina!

Wednesday, March 16th - potluck breakfast on the dock. Daniel making pancakes for everyone!

Off in our dinghies to play!

Tuesday, March 15th - Lake Charles play day!

Monday, March 14th on our way to Lake Charles.

An exciting encounter along the way!

Sunday, March 13th on our way to Shell Island to anchor!

Another "newbie" to the group, M/V Relapse!

Anchored at Shell Island!

Saturday morning, March 12th heading out for Galveston Yacht Basin, our first stop on the way to Lake Charles. S/V More Good Timin' was the first to head out (not seen in this photo), then S/V Morning Star and "newbie" to our travels S/V Faith. 10 boats wandered down to Galveston at their own pace.