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M/V Last Trade

M/V Last Trade

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 23 - 25, 2016 Perdido Key

May 23 - After getting back from our trip home and our visit with Barry and Paula it was time to decide what we should do.  The temperature is starting to get warm and we really wanted to be back home before it got too hot and storms start brewing in the gulf.  Anchoring, when it's really hot is not going to be fun, especially for Teak!  After doing some homework we have decided to start heading home after Memorial weekend because slips may be hard to get during the holiday and we already had one secured at Palafox.  Not a bad place to be and we should have some great fireworks!

What to do until then?  A guy at the marina told us that the Baytown Wharf Marina in Destin was a really nice place so we called them to see if we could get a slip but they were full, nothing available before the holiday and not soon after. School is out, it's summer time and everyone's vacationing in Florida!  I also wanted to stop at the Holiday Marina in Perdido Key for a few nights and when we called them they were able to give us a slip for a few day but were also booked full for Memorial weekend.

Off we headed to Perdido Key!  What a beautiful day and stay.  I am in heaven!

As we were almost to the marina a dinghy went by us and we waved.  Later in the afternoon that dinghy stopped by on their way back and it was Ben and Trisha on M/V Contraband!  They gave us some very good information on where to get a really good sandwich just on the other side of the ICW from where we were docked and they told us where we should dinghy to. Thank you Ben and Trisha - the sandwich was great and the dinghy trip up the Old River was outstanding!

They gave us the slip I wanted!  Our stern facing the ICW and we could watch all the boats go by.  What a view!!!!

Check out the jet ski names at the Sunset Grill playground!

After we were settled in we had lunch at the Sunset Grill then rode our bikes to the beach and down to the Oyster House checking things out.  After this it was time to take Teak out for some exercise.  Check out this mailbox that we passed.  I had a bird house like this once!

Right off of our boat you could see four islands for me to paddle board around tomorrow.  Board's inflated and ready to go!

As the sun was going down a young man named Ben came out with his drone.  He asked if he could fly it around our boat (WOW! he actually asked for permission!) and we said sure.  Below is a video he sent to us.

May 24 - First thing in the morning I took my paddle board out and had a great time paddling around the islands.  Dolphins were swimming and birds were singing all around me.  I have been waiting the whole trip to do this.  Wish I could stay here forever!

After I got back we put the dinghy in the water and headed out down Perdido Key island.

Beach, beach and more beach!  The island goes for miles.  This is a must do during a week day because during the weekend it's really crowded.

Josh acting like the heron!


We took Ben and Trisha's advise and tied up at the boat launch so we could go to Hub Stacey's At The Point for sandwiches.  It was good!

After lunch we headed back to the boat to let Teak out before heading out to do the Old River to Orange Beach.  When we got on the boat Josh told me that my paddle board was deflated - what could have happened?  I just used it earlier and was planning on using it again this evening and tomorrow morning.  I decided to check it out after we get back from our second dinghy trip.

Flora-Bama on the Old River

The Old River empties out into the Perdido Key / Orange Beach offshore cut.

After we got back, we pumped up my paddle board and placed it on the back platform for me to use the next morning.  As Josh was handing it to me on the platform I heard a hissing sound.  My board was leaking at a seam.  No more paddle boarding for me and I was really bummed!  Not a happy camper!!!!!!

May 25 - This is what my morning paddle boarding would have been like.  I was not happy!  We took our time putting our dinghy away, did some laundry and headed back to Palafox for the long weekend.  All the locals tell us that it's best to stay off the water because it's going to be really packed and crazy.  Not what we want to deal with!

May 19 - 22, 2016 Pensacola

We hung around the marina visiting with Barry and Paula on M/V Andante and Dale.  Barry and Paula were getting their boat ready to take it back home to Pickwick.  We met them here during our 2014 trip.  They brought the boat down the Tenn Tom and left it at the Palafox marina until now.  They also invited us to stay in their guest house if we ever got up there.

Saturday morning we helped Barry and Paula leave.  

May 9 - 18, 2016 Pensacola and Houston

May 9 and 10 - Josh and I played around town and got the boat ready to leave for our driving trip home on the 11th for our youngest son's college graduation and dorm move out.  While we're gone we'll have lots of people watching our boat, especially a nice gentleman that we met at The Wharf a week ago named Dale.  He keeps his boat at this marina and he said he'd check on ours every morning and before heading home in the evening.  What a really nice guy!

May 11 thru 17 -  On the morning of the 11th, Josh called the Enterprise when they opened at 7:30 and they said they would send their driver over to pick him up when the driver starts work at 8:00 am.  When 8:30 am arrived and he was still not picked up, Josh called them again and they said the driver did not show up for work but they would send someone else to get him.  At 9:15 Josh was picked up at the marina and we finally got on the road around 10:00 am.  Around noon we picked up my mother in Biloxi and continued on to Seabrook.  A long day on the road! 500+ miles!

On Thursday the 12th we picked up our mail and collected items that we needed to take back to the boat with us.  We were also on "standby" for Daniel because we did not know if we needed to help move him or not or what was really going on.  Let me explain!  The college wanted him out of his apartment before he graduated.  He was waiting for a job offer and that would determine whether or not he would move home or if he could move into his own new place.  Within a week's time he got the job and started the following Monday, moved into his own place and graduated.    Moving into his own place was a learning experience!  He got the power hooked up within a day but forgot about the gas!  Of course the water heater was gas and the gas company said it would take up to seven days before it would be turned on.  Cold showers for him, LOL!!!

After all of this, we drove back to the boat, re-provisioned using the rent car then returned it the following day.  Josh started installing his new toys (anemometer and new RG6 TV cable) and we hung around waiting for our friends Barry and Paula on M/V Andante to arrive.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 6 - 8, 2016 Pensacola

May 6 - It was kinda chilly when we got up and it's still just 65 after 9 am.  We decided to ride our bikes to the Pensacola Hardware store because Josh needed a part and this hardware store has all kinds of things.  Yup,  it had what he was looking for!  We rode around town looking at all the changes since the last time we were here and by the time we got back to the boat it was almost lunch time.  It was warming up nicely but still a little windy. We decided to go ahead and take the dinghy down and tour Chico Bayou and have lunch at The Oar House.

Pensacola Yacht Club

 Chico Bayou

On our way back to the boat we received a text from Sam and Pat informing us that they received the new sail but because is was so late in the day they will stay another day and head out tomorrow.  Yippe!, one more docktail!

May 7 -  We were going to take the dinghy over to Pensacola Beach but the weather reporters were predicting that winds were going to build in the afternoon so we decided to bike around instead.   Off we went down along the waterfront and decided to ride a little farther this time, going across to the other side of the Pensacola Beach bridge road.  I am so glad we did!  Just on the other side is the Pensacola Welcome Center and they were having visitor appreciation day and giving free historic bus tours.   The tour lasted a little over an hour and we learned more things about the places that we have seen.  It even took us to Joe Patti's and gave us free ice cream.  

After the tour, Josh and I rode all around downtown Pensacola and stopped at a festival to watch some dancers  before heading back to the boat to let Teak out. 

When we got back to the marina, Josh and I were so glad we did not go out on the bay because the wave action was not for a small dinghy.  Boats were bouncing around even in the marina. 

What's for dinner? YUP, we rode our bikes to Joe Patti's to pick up some steamed shrimp.  It was still crowded, just like earlier when the tour bus stopped.  They employ so many people that even with the big crowd it did not take too long to order, pay and get it steamed.

The Wahoos (local baseball team) were playing and we were told that they put on a fantastic fireworks show after every Saturday home game.  We were entertained with some outstanding fireworks!  These fireworks make the ones in Kemah look puny.  Another great day!

May 8 - My morning routine is to make coffee then take Teak out.  As I was carrying her off the boat all I could say was "Oh my god!"  Our boat was covered with soot and pieces of paper from the fireworks. 

People who keep boats at this marina and know about the fireworks leftovers come down early in the morning just to wash the remnants off before it sticks.  People who do not know about this or can not come and wash it off are not happy campers!  Not a good thing especially if you want to leave your boat here. 

After washing all the crap off our boat we decided to just go for it and take the dinghy to Pensacola Beach.  We need to be back by noon because the wind was predicted to pick up again.   Out we went at 9:00 AM, flying across Pensacola Bay over to Pensacola Beach.  With this new engine, we can really go!  

Two boats anchored in the lagoon!  We may try this during the week.

After we left the lagoon we headed along the beach to Fort Pickens before heading back to the marina.  It was a quick trip and yes, the wind was starting to pick up and we bounced our way back.

For Mother's Day I told Josh that I wanted to have a spiked milkshake at the Tin Cow.  I heard they were really good.  I picked the "Palafox Bushwhacker" and yes - it was great!  I also had another 1/2 pound burger and felt stuffed for the rest of the day. 

The people here at the Palafox Marina are very friendly and willing to help in any way.  Boaters stop by and introduce themselves and we have received some very good local knowledge.  This marina has always been one of our favorites!  Except for the fireworks residue!!!!!!!  LOL!  They just need big fans when the wind is blowing in the direction of the marina.......