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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Change in Our Cruising Plans!

Al and Kay on M/V Cambria and M/V Last Trade had plans to go back to Orange Beach/Florida area again for several months around the September/October time frame.  This year's hurricane season was not good to us and kept postponing our departure date, changing our plans.  We were really looking forward to heading out to white beaches and clear water!  Who would have ever guessed that most of our cruising spots along the gulf coast would be damaged and some destroyed.  I am so glad we were able to enjoy Port Aransas back in March because it will be years before the area is back the way it was for boaters.   
It's funny how life plans constantly change.  It just so happened that Al and Kay found a "land" home to buy and are busy with that.  Josh and I have been looking for a new boat for some time now and our new boat finally came along.  We are now Defever 45 owners!  The only problem is that it's in Canada!!!!! It's kinda like things worked out this way for a reason because most of our local cruising areas have been destroyed from the storms so it's time for new boating territory.  Our new boat came on the market at just the right time.  It was meant to be, kinda like if you dream it, it will come!
Canada - where boats have to be pulled out for the winter.  Yup, we will not be able to see or use her until around May, 2018.  Yes, it will drive us crazy! 
Stay tuned for our new adventures!!!!! The plan is to spend some time getting used to our new boat around the Lake Ontario area going towards Kingston and the Thousand Islands.  Around June 1st we'll start the Trent-Severn Waterway to Georgian Bay and then on to Chicago.  We will then come home to take care of things and then go back and continue on to Tennessee.  After another break we'll then do the Tenn-Tom to Mobile.   Yes, I will finally get to do the Tenn-Tom!  We will eventually end up in my happy place, the Orange Beach/Florida area. 
Sure hope Canada has a mild winter because I am so ready to start this new adventure!

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  1. Congrats on new boat! I look forward to reading about your experiences onboard the DeFever.